Our Product

  • Safe & Natural

    • Our ingredients are nothing more that an egg and olive oil.
    • Pasteurized, without salt, while maintaining optimal levels of nutrients.
    • Kosher and Halal product: No cultural or religious barriers.
    • Quality; product and production process adhere to the IFS and ISO 22000 standards.
  • Quick & Easy

    Unfreeze and serve, or heat for a short time! It can be prepared within 10 seconds and comes out as if it was fried at that exact moment! Ready to eat any time of the day.

  • Advantages of the Frozen Fried Egg

    • Easy storage.
    • Pasteurized, safe and nutritious.
    • Cost and time saving in the kitchen.
    • Optimal yield
    • Tasty and healthy.
  • Happy Chickens Make Good Eggs

    We only use eggs from happy and healthy hens. Animal nutrition and welfare are the key to our success. We ensure that our eggs come from farmers that prioritize sustainability.

Health Legislation

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